‘Alien: Covenant’: How the Prequel Sequel Fits Into Franchise Timeline

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“Alien: Covenant” is the sixth main movie in the “Alien” franchise, which began 38 years ago. WSJ’s Mark Kelly looks back at the series and its performance at the box office. Image: 20th Century Fox

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  1. Alien Covenant is about the need to replicate freedom from anti. Anti opposes the self, which is why it's acceptable for the self to replicate as a means to its own safety. David's story of attacking hierarchy by duplicating hierarchy is why David is a very nuanced character, and thus why Alien Covenant is a very philosophical film. Unlike Alien, Alien Covenant is an equality between art and artist, and is also about the dynamic of an original and its replication being replications of each other

  2. Does the wall street journal not know the difference between value in dollars between years via inflation? Aliens 1, and 2 are the must sees. Everything after is dogshit. With alien 3 being less dogshit. Haven't seen the new one though.