Bernie Sanders defends gun control record

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders has a starkly different gun control record from most Democrats.


  1. If guns are sold legally from the manufacturer, then of course they should not be sued for what someone does with the guns. If you want to do that , you pass lass restricted the sale of guns..and good luck with that, and who really cares anyways..this gun issue is mostly media issue to get ratings and to attack politicians, damn if you support and damn if you don't depending on who the media (corporate pigs) want to attack.

  2. Fuck banning semi auto rifles, thats communist/socialism shit. Like he said 99% of people who own semi auto rifles follow the law. Why should they lose their rights because a few criminals.If anything get rid of gun free zones so people can defend themselves from mass shooters. Thats why you dont see mass shootings in Vermont Texas or Alaska the shooter wouldnt stand a chance. God forbid the economy does collapse because your corrupt govt cant get its act together or theres some kind of disaster or major terror attack your gonna need those guns to defend yourself and loved ones.

  3. As a democrat, and as a HUGE GUN LOVER, I would vote this guy over Hilary in a second. Hilary is stupid and ignorant.

    Hilary is the stupidest person in the world, I dont know if it was that time of the month for her during the debate. BUT why the funk would you charge a gun manufacturer? are you really that stupid? How about we charge every single US politician for NOT protecting the United States VS TERRORIST?? How about we charge you for trying to sell information via YOUR private email you stupid cunt.

  4. I agree with him they trying to take our rights from us by using the ppl been killed this is straight b.s. they think we can't see through their lies well wait up ppl are starting to see how evil this government system become joke's on dumbs ass come your end has around played out

  5. Heres the best gun control idea.
    If you have a felony record
    If you have a mental disability(autism,aspergers,etc)
    If you suffer from ptsd or depression
    If you are an illegal alien
    Make illegal for the above to own a gun.
    Its that simple

  6. Not when you want to stab at our rights. You're a tyrant at that point.. Doesn't matter what type of firearm. Our right to keep and bear arms is very clear. Not, our right to keep and bear arms for hunting… Democrats make up numbers and what they call "loopholes". Once I purchase a firearm, it's my property and I chose to do what I want with it, including selling it. Furthermore, it's not a loophole which is a title that catches people's attention. It's called private sale for the people that know anything about firearms/ firearm laws. In closing, my rights will always outweigh your "concerns" sorry.

  7. assault wepon ban is illogical very few murders are committed with the legally owned semi auto rifles it aims to ban whats more it seeks to ban thees rifles on a largely cosmetic basis and not what it can do or what size cartridge it does it with therefore its a seriously flawed piece of legislation to begin with

  8. assault wepon ban is illogical very few murders are committed with the legally owned semi auto rifles it aims to ban whats more it seeks to ban thees rifles on a largely cosmetic basis and not what it can do or what size cartridge it does it with therefore its a seriously flawed piece of legislation to begin with

  9. A semi automatic assault weapon? There is no such thing! Fucking idiots! The 2nd amendment isn't about letting people hunt. It is to protect ALL Americans' right to protect themselves against tyranny! Fuck off leave our guns alone.

  10. What is restricting semi auto weapons going to "reduce"gun violence. It's not the weapons fault it's the person who is using the weapons fault. I'm pro gun ownership but just restricting a class of firearm just because it "kills human beings" won't stop gun

  11. you know I'd like to point out that just because Bernie Sanders says he's gonna ban a class of gun or even a specific gun that should be a price to pay for the other amazing things he offers. like his attempt to make college more affordable so you can go to college and get better jobs to afford those weapons. so what you sacrifice one weapon or one class of weapon why not have someone that cares about the people who are having trouble bettering there lives because they can't afford the education. I think a gun is a reasonable sacrifice for a better education and career so you can make money to afford stuff for your families

  12. The following was from the Democrat debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
    Q: What about  gun control?        Sanders: As a nation, we can't continue screaming at each other; we've got to find common ground.
    Q: Well, what is that?

    (My comments): Gee, great question moderator. Now that Mr. Sanders has
    explained for everyone that we shouldn't scream at each other and find
    common ground, let's see what he actually believes.
    For a start, universal instant background checks. Nobody should have a
    gun who has a criminal background, who's involved in domestic abuse
    situations, people should not have guns who are going to hurt other
    people, who are unstable.

    (My comments) REALLY? Well, let's just examine Mr. Sanders' answer and put
    it to some scrutiny. First off, convicted felons are already not allowed
    to own guns. Notice how Mr. Sanders categorized 4 different groups of
    people who he didn't feel should own guns. He is treating each group as
    disparate entities. First, people with a criminal background. Then
    people merely INVOLVED in a domestic abuse situation. Really? Indefinitely? It gets worse…. "people should not have guns who are going to hurt other people." What??? Just exactly how does Mr. Sanders propose to determine THAT? And… "who are unstable." Unstable? How does he propose to define that precisely? What is that? By what criteria is someone to be called "unstable?" Is he suggesting stability
    standards? More importantly, WHO gets to determine … stability. Does
    this mean that anyone we should go before some government sponsored "stability board" for questioning? Is Bernie Sanders supposed to determine who is… stable? Should we have a brand new Washington D.C. department… the Department of Stability. What makes Sanders think government is capable of determining who is… 
    "stable?" Sanders made no remote attempt at defining "stability." What the hell is he even talking about? Notice how he included as a separate group from people with a criminal background… people "who are going to hurt other people." REALLY? His
    words "GOING TO." As in FUTURE. Does he have a crystal ball? Is he
    advocating limiting freedoms (gun ownership) based on actions that
    people MIGHT commit? Does he think God will send him emails with a list
    of names of those who are "going to hurt people?" For the purposes of
    determining eligibility for gun ownership, is he advocating a government
    board to assess people's future actions? If not, then who WOULD be
    making this determination precisely? And by what criteria? OH, so many
    unanswered questions.

    It did occur to me, as long as Mr. Sanders thinks government is capable of determining peoples future actions, "people who are GOING TO hurt other people" and limit freedoms based on that determination… why not just go all the way? Why shouldn't he just look into his crystal ball, figure out who GOING TO commit a murder, then we can convict and incarcerate them on that determination? Gee, we can hardly wait.

    Bob Vaught

  13. So it is ok to own guns to hunt down and kill animals. But not for self defense???? This is exactly why he is a politician. He says things you want to hear instead of the TRUTH

  14. Vermont was like Switzerland in its genesis. It was ripe for the plucking By New York, that is why Vermont and the Ethan Allan volunteer jamboree militia man had the lax gun laws that they do. Yes Bernie Sanders needs to look at his record on guns, but this is a freaking presidential election, and Bernie Sanders is the complete package and a bag of chips ( the kids said that in the '90s). A presidential election deserves some complexity to it, Bernie Sanders will not win or lose an election on a vote he took twenty freaking years ago

  15. He is literally talking about having a debate about gun control. I don't care about any of this crap, laws or no laws about it. I'm not surrendering my guns ever as long as I'm living.

  16. why ban assault rifles though? criminals don't give a shit if it's illegal. they'll smuggle them over the border. law abiding citizens on the other hand will be left without them. so where do we draw the line when says guns don't kill people, people kill people? either all of it is okay or none of it is.

  17. The RIGHT to bear arms is so we can protect ourselves FROM our government you bunch of stupid mother fucks. READ SOMETHING besides the fucking cartoons. Read the constitution, it's obvious. They wanted us to control the government. NOT the government to control us.

  18. Please oh great Bernie Sanders tell us as to how much more background check you'd like. Would you like our Facebook posts, Twitter handles, anything to do with our right to privacy?

  19. Lets get one thing strait here, we have a people/violence problem that we are facing, not a gun problem. Blaming the violence problem on guns is an ignorant and reactive way to solve a violence problem. In being proactive, If we spend half as much time fighting for better solutions to mental illness, bullying, crumbling family structures, or depression as we do towards gun laws, we would already have found a solution. If you want to fix the violence problem start with where the violence comes from (hint it starts with the individual).

  20. How can somebody who's so progressive as Bernie Sanders (and btw clearly my favorite presidential candidates of all time) make such an unsophisticated comparison as comparing a gun to a hammer? Guns just like the the ones from the three terrorists that killed 130 people in just a few minutes at Bataclan, Paris. Imagine three guys armed with hammers entered that place, trying to kill people. Nobody would have died and they would have disarmed and arrested within minutes. Guns are made to kill people, hammers are made to pound nails.

    + The guns don't just "fall into the hands of a murderer" as Bernie said. The murderer can legally acquire the guns and THAT IS THE REAL ISSUE.

    I love you Bernie but get your shit together on this one or at least bring up some good arguments.

  21. There Is NO, NADA ZERO, ZIP! Gun Show Loop Hole! Its Private Owners Selling To Other Private Owners, No Matter What! When you Buy A Gun From An Actual Store/Dealer, Wether Its WallMart, Or You Local Gun Shop! A Deep ANd Thoughrough Background Check Is Done, Goin not Only Into Criminal Records, But Taxes, Mental Health, And Substance Abuse, You Cannot Own A Gun if You Have Gone To Rehab Or A Mental Hospital. its Already Established, They Need To Stop Acting Like This Is Something We Need, We Already Have It, It Works, Licensed Guns Dont Kill People! Gang Bangers And Lunatics With illegal or Stolen Guns Kill People. We Dont NEED ANY Gun Control!, We Just Need To Enforce The Laws We Already Have!

  22. Translation good white folks don't use guns to shoot people(not sure the parents of the kids who were killed in the elementary school in CT would agree) Only people who live in Urban areas kill people.