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Often all that can help an Ebola patient is proper care for the symptoms of the virus, which will increase the chances of survival. Aid workers have criticised the global response to the emergency. As yet – there is no known vaccine.

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  1. Chlorine Dioxide aka MMS is the cure you will never hear about. It can also cure malaria, and it was used in 2012 by the Red Cross to cure all (~150) malaria patients in a single camp in Africa without side effects (search for it on YouTube, a NGO that was present filmed it). It works by the effects of oxydization, and oxygen is the one thing that for sure kills Ebola. Let's see how long until this comment get's deleted… the establishment does not want you to know this.

  2. This concerns me because I don't know what I should do to ensure my survival if I do get this.  I need advanced treatments that can save my life in a bind.  I don't want to die from this.  It sounds very painful and gruesome because you basically bleed to death and your organs shut down.  Keep this disease out of Brecksville!  

  3. Mankind has united often in spending billions and billions of dollars for war and seldom for the pursuit of medicine and life. This hunt for Ebola cure is too little and way way too late.

  4. Aids Ebola = Africa
    Terrorists = Muslims
    Drug cartels = illegal immigrants from Latin America
    Our national guard is being used for everything but guarding America.
    Stop all international flights
    Put the National guard along the borders.. fire a warning shot if they don't get the
    message then shoot to kill.. its us or them

  5. Ebola is a hoax search Ebola Virus Outbreak 2014: Dying at the Hospital Door | The New York Times and pause at 3:39 your see USA dollars in the actors hand, It's fake for us to pay more money, Plus theres army going in Africa instead of doctors i wonder why…

  6. no vaccine BUT a canadian company announces they are testing their vaccine NOW because of everything? I THINK THAT IS SHADY. so you guys had this vaccine the whole time, waiting for people in the west to care so you have the perfect marketing strategy. i stay out of the news and world events because i can't handle all of the politics. these are people's lives you are playing with and no one cared to distribute the vaccine a few years ago when I'm sure they had one.