Metal Gear Survive Announced, NieR: Automata Coming to PC & Media Create Sales! | PE NewZ

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    1. Metal Gear survive is getting hate because it's a cynical cash in by Konami on the metal gear name. "Hey you know what people really liked that metal gear thing, maybe we should make a new one, but with zombies cause kids like the zombies! But wait if there were zombies in the past there'd be no one in the future! So fuck it, wormholes in the sky or some shit, who cares? Oh but the kids these days like them coop games too, but there's only one big boss! Uh fuck it grab some people that were gonna die anyway!" Metal Gear has always ALWAYS been about its narrative and interwoven plot lines… This is the kind of game someone who didn't care and basically knew nothing about the franchise would make… This is the kind of movie Uwe Boll would make…. I'm sorry man but I see nothing good here, just a cheap cash in left4dead wannabe…

    2. Sometimes nothing is better the something, mg survive looks like an asset flip and I doubt the metal gear name will be represented well here. It feels like a lazy money grab. I'm glad konami wants to be in the console space but they need to do better then this to win people over.

    3. I can't believe they went with the Zombie game. They had all manner of military games they could have delved into, but they went with the most tired immediately! Goddamnit Konami!

    4. Konami are trying their best to survive without Kojima. All jokes aside. MGS is probably my fav franchise but Im skeptical about how the team will perform without Kojimas supervision. Im not crazy about the idea of the game but I will keep my eye on it. What we all want to know is if its a MGS game or just a random with the name slapped on it the same way Capcoms trying to do with RE7.

    5. Imo Its not that MG Survive is different, Rising was very different and generally went over well by most fans, but this just looks to be another zombie co op shooter game. It may turn out alright, but since this is the first Metal Gear game since Kojimas departure, fans are rightfully skeptical about if this game can hold up to the high standard the previous games set and the overall direction and future of the series.