Republican Debate 2016 | GOP New Hampshire Debate on ABC News [FULL 1st Hour]

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Tonight’s Republican debate includes the following candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich square off at 8 p.m. ET for the ABC News debate in Manchester. It is the last Republican debate before the New Hampshire primary election. After the debate, we will upload the full debate here.

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  1. Rubio, I felt, was making the point that Obama knew what he was doing in the sense that he had control and kept those he needed on his side. Trump calling Obama incompetent shows how little he knows about politics. (Australian, don't give af about what you reckon, this is just my unimportant 2 cents worth).

  2. You can't stop Donald! He survived a roast which was the most brutal and hilarious torture i've ever witnessed! Sorry republicans but he' your best bet!

    I enjoyed Ted Cruz's apology i think he was sincere, though could have been politician's jedi mind trick, who knows.

  3. Okay Trump you can drop out now. You are a BUISNESSMAN not a POLITICIAN… You are racist to many people, your website sucks, the things you say don't come out right .. Like you need to stop. Just stop. And Hillary, literally nobody likes you but some how you won the caucuses, and primary's…

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  5. Every GOP Debate asks the same tired old questions. Maybe it's time for some new ones. Here are some issues I'd like to see dealt with.

    (1) How to save Social Security? First, make it a Trust Fund again and restrict it to strictly retirement. That means creating a separate fund for Disability Insurance, similar to funds for Unemployment Insurance. Each fund would be entirely separate and get its money from a percentage of payroll deductions. There would be more of these deductions and higher percentages but people would gladly pay them if they were certain that the Funds would benefit them.

    (2) The CIA was originally sold as an idea to the American people as a sort of "Think Tank" that would analyses the Intelligence provided by Military sources, e.g., the Military Attaches of all American Embassies. They were never supposed to run their own Agents or engage in Black Ops, plan invasions of Sovereign Nations, be involved in drug trafficking, or perform assassinations. First question, "Is the world a better place due to the CIA's drug trafficking, black ops (in South and Central America, for instance, Catholic Maryknoll Missionaries are branded "Communists" and assassinated), invasions (e.g. Cuba) and government overthrows (e.g. Chile) and assassinations?" I think the answer to all that is "No." Final question on this: "How do we whittle them down to what they were originally designed to be?"

    (3) How to report clearly the relationship between the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Government, how much interest the US pays on behalf of "We The People" to that bank and exactly how much do we owe. I mean everything here, the cost of War that is being carried as a separate item and being hidden. I mean the exact interest rate. Also the exact figure for the yearly interest. While researching, I found that no later than 1980 and probably sooner than that, the US Government started to report and pay only 20% of the interest on the National Debt and they were/are rolling the other 80% into new Principal.

    (4) Should we get a Constitutional Amendment stating that even if a person is born in the USA, they can never hold public office if they have spent significant time in a Foreign country and their education system, especially under the age of 30, had citizenship in a Foreign county, including dual citizenship, or if they have ever given up US citizenship?

    (5) Should our Oath of Allegiance be expanded to include "and the Sovereignty of the United States?" to prevent any scheme to destroy such Sovereignty in order to make the USA part of a World Government (which would be Totalitarian and Collectivist in nature.)
    (6) During the generally disastrous Presidency of Jimmy Carter there were some, to me, flaky ideas implemented. One was and is "The Zero Growth Economy." I think the rationale behind that was that if our Nation kept up a steadily increasing rate of production then eventually we would reach a state of collapse. At the same time our Government made the decision to "Switch the base of our Economy from Manufacturing to a Service base." Now we hear about tremendous Trade Deficits between the US and the Nations that stuck with and even expanded Manufacturing. First Japan and now mainly China with Japan and Mexico adding to the problem. That started about 30 years ago. Bill Clinton promised to "Restore the Manufacturing Base of our Economy" but then did absolutely nothing. So some people have realized that if you have an increasing growth Economy, you might eventually collapse but when you have zero growth and declining Manufacturing, you'll collapse a lot faster. So the question is, "Do you think restoring the Manufacturing Base of the US Economy is not just a good idea but essential to our survival as a Nation and how would you go about doing it?"

    (7) Lately there has been talk of reciprocity in terms of protectionist tariffs to "Even the playing field." A little tidbit I picked up from the sons of US Diplomats in Kobe, Japan, during Expo 70 was that the Japanese government charged 100% Duty (Import Tax) on absolutely every foreign made product coming into their country. I'm pretty sure that is still the case with them and you'd find a similar system in most of the rest of the world. Should be worth some research. The "Obama Darling" of a company, Solyndra, went under quite fast due to competition from China. That presupposes it was a serious business effort and not a multi-million dollar scam from its beginning. The question here is, "How do we protect our home industries so they can compete fairly?" A second question might be, "How can any new business survive destructive inspections by government bureaus like the EPA, OSHA, etc. and the onerous and expensive regulations being produced at something like 2000 pages per day by unelected and irresponsible bureaucrats?"

    (8) Please define the Economic System in the United States. In the beginning when groups of Religious Refugees came to the British Colony each group formed its own Colony and the ones that survived beccame, after the Revolutionary War, "Sovereign States." Some tried to operate a Communist System, "The Common Kettle" where everyone shared everything equally. This system failed because there were "Soldiers of Fortune" among them who produced nothing. Thus the "Free Enterprise System" was born. Each person had control over what they prduced and could use it or trade it. This encouraged the Soldiers of Fortune to move on in search of another Communistic Colony or, in some cases, "Necessitate their presence" by attacking the Native Americans and then becoming a bulwark of defense against the repercussions. So the question here is, "Is the term 'Capitalistic' originally an insult created by world Communistic forces and proponents against what should rightly be called a 'Free Enterprise' system." A second question might be, "Is it important to know the history and importance of this distinction?"

  6. what a disaster in USA political history fiasco on a national TV the 3 idiots didn't know how to get to the stage after been called to it's as pathetically funny as it could be sadly enough 2 of the 3 are still running for a President

  7. These politicians crack me up. They all talk about the problems that have been there while they are in the office. They HAD the chance to make changes or fix things but none of them did anything. Why suddenly so eager to change or fix things now? Why now? So unreliable! Phony politicians!!