Scientists Upload Worm’s Mind Into a Lego Robot


Scientists have created a robot that “thinks” and acts like a worm after inserting software modeled on the neural connections in a worm’s brain inside a Lego robot. WSJ’s Monika Auger reports.


  1. They’ve just uploaded a worm’s brain to a robot and they got from that to
    uploading a human’s brain into a robot that has trillions of connections,
    I’v eno doubt it will happen but ffs could they not have said, a cat is
    next or something

  2. Now build a realistic robotic worm, put the ‘worm mind simulator’ in it’s
    memory and run it! Let’s see if humans can still distinguish it from a real
    …and let’s also check if real worms can distinguish it from a real worm

  3. There are people who are unconscious for some time (for instance while
    asleep or in coma) but afterwards they are still considered the same
    person. Consciousness (however it may work, perhaps it’s an illusion so
    good to trick itself) is a state, that takes place in the present and is
    constantly changing. Therefore the me (in relation to the state of
    consciousness) of 5 years or minutes ago is not the same state that exists
    right now. What is still the same are the patterns that define a specific
    person (memory, experience, skills…) and these patterns were recreated in
    a computer. Therefore the status quo isn’t changed. It’s a new state of
    consciousness at this moment (new unique information input, in a more
    complex organism there might even be new knowledge, which may also part of
    consciousness at this time), but that would also be the case in the
    original biological organism. The change of substrate is not relevant since
    the substrate of our brain is also permanently changing as well (the
    neurons or better the patterns in which they operate and are connected to
    each other are more or less constant) but the atoms underlying a permanent
    turnover. So by recreating the patterns they actually uploaded the worms
    mind. Of corse it’s a new state of consciousness (after activation) but so
    its in biological brain. The imagination of a permanent “soul”, that is
    constant over ones lifetime (some think beyond, which is even more
    unlikely, unless it is uploaded of course (lucky worm)) is an illusion. We
    are always having a unique state of consciousness. What makes us
    considering to be the same person of five minutes ago is the accumulates
    memory (new synaptic patterns or chemical patterns for short term memory)
    during this time. These patterns however (except the chemical based short
    term memory) were the same than in the original biological neural

  4. Ok NO they didn’t upload the actual mind of a worm into a robot. They
    recreated the mind of a worm then they uploaded it to the robot. Don’t
    mislead the people.

  5. This ain’t gonna end well. They’ll mix humans with worms next. Then we’ll
    all be rollin’ around in the dirt uncontrollably…just wait &