This man worked undercover in a Chinese iPhone factory

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    Dejian Zeng spent 12 hours a day attaching one screw to iPhones. As part of his summer project, the NYU grad student went undercover for 6 weeks at a Pegatron factory in Shanghai. He lived on-site in a dorm with 7 other people and got to experience what really goes into making the popular mobile device. He tells us what it was like.

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    1. Stop talking shit, apple doesn't employ this people, apple just pay millions of dollars to the company who employ this people to assembly their products.

    2. Eugh. As I sit at my desk in my nice house I'm tempted to say that their job is fine. But I know it isn't. I'm just detached from their situation. Better working conditions, please.

    3. wow… $450 a month? only one day off per week and dodgy dorm?? And we pay $1000+/phone? U all should quit and let Apple crush LOL. Shame on u Apple.

    4. I'm from Vietnam and I'm said hearing this over and over again. Yes, China and Vietnam have cheap labor, we work for as low as 150$/MONTH. That's sad but true. Newly graduated teacher in Vietnam works for government and receives a monthly salary of 150$ a month, and at the end of their career, after 30 years of working they retire with the salary of nearly 450$. I sometimes just wish I was not born here, though my salary is higher than that.

    5. Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803 while visiting China, had this to say :

      "Let China Sleep, for when the Dragon awakes, she will shake the world." after 200 years he clearly predicted what was going to happen to the World..

    6. even in 3rd world countries specially in the Caribbean like Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, I have friends telling me, One day just out of the blue they began to see a great influx of Asian Immigrants buying land and settling in in different zones of the major cities. this clearly states that they now have the power to come in buy land and bring more people in, and start building their own mini cities, and you gotta remember they rarely work for a company or employer they rather work on their own. they work the longest amount of hours and they hardly spend any money.

    7. This video is clear warning, to the rest of the World, as of this year 2017
      it is already too late….the war that is already taking place between the Asian continent and the West, and this time its about Resources, like Water, Food and Minerals. Asians here in the US normally have $ 500,000 dollars worth of money in their bank accounts and that's just the standard.. Of all the minority groups such as blacks and Hispanics, Asians are the most disciplined dedicated, and focused goal oriented people, just like their Indian counterparts which clearly assimilate their mentality and working success philosophy.
      I live in New York City and I been fortunate enough to travel to different countries in Latin America and I can fully attest to what I am saying, even some of them told me of their world agenda which very few people know, its similar to that of the Jews, by going to every country in the world, and take over their resources, it doesn't matter where for example here in the American continent from Argentina to Canada you'll see Asian communities in every major city, they quickly adapt and assimilate the country's way of life and culture and in a period of 10 to 15 years they begin to open new businesses like restaurants, groceries, etc, and consequently bringing more Asian people by word of mouth to that community making it stronger and more prevalent after a while they begin to enjoy their fruits by becoming citizens and members of the upper middle class of that country.

    8. and thats all down to the greed of the rich and the want of spoilt fucking children and people and the parents are no better especially rich ones. they think money ticks and yet for one day take it all away and watch them fucking crumble like shit what a disgusting fucking race we are and are turning out to be

    9. Heh!!! Shows you what the real value of one of these Ivy-League Pansy-ass' Edumacations' are actually worth! He had to get a Masters Degree just so he could be eligible to put a screw into a phone, 10 hours a day! 😀